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In cases of emergency, please dial 911. This website is intended for informational use and is not a means to communicate with the department in case of emergency.

The Lago Vista Police Department participates in the Department of Public Safety's (DPS) Crash Records Information System (C.R.I.S.)  This means all traffic accidents in the city are processed using DPS' C.R.I.S. CRASH system and are available online after they have been reviewed and approved by a patrol supervisor at the Lago Vista Police Department and then approved by DPS. These reports can be downloaded and accessed for a fee on the DPS website. (All money collected goes to DPS / the State of Texas.)

The DPS website for the Crash Records Information System can be found at

We hope this system helps streamline your access to these reports. If you come into the department we can pull the same reports, but will charge the same fees and provide you with the same output - but you will not have digital access to reprint the report. We strongly recommend you access the system yourself so you can access the report online whenever you need a copy. If you need accompanying police reports; in the case of injury, DUI, stolen vehicle, etc. please contact Lago Vista Police Department and file an open records request.